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US Election 2016

A cross-channel information architecture design

Dec  2016

Responsive Web Design | Group Project
Information Architecture & Visualization

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


In a nutshell


In this project, we were asked to create an information architecture that supports multi and cross-channel experience for Hong Kong people who are interested in the US election 2016. Our team was assigned to focus on the election day leading up to the announcement.




Given the target users profile, we had to think about how the information architecture supports the needs and behavior of the users in the assigned scenario and how to create a seamless cross-channel experience.




We designed an information architecture for multiple channels, including desktop & mobile-friendly website, mobile app, smartwatch app and app for Apple TV.

Cross-Channel Experience

Target User

"The target users of the imaginary service are Hong Kong people who are interested in the US election and have witnessed at least two past US elections via the media."


User Journey

(Graphic design by Qinglin ZHENG)



Responsive Web Design

(Designed by Angela Mei NG)

Wireframe - WatchOS



​Personal Role

Angela Mei NG

Becky Siqi ZENG

Rachel Qinglin ZHENG



WatchOS Design

Pitch Presentation

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