The Timeless Classics

A New Luxury In-store Retail Engagement for
Hong Kong Millennials

Feb 2017

Customer Engagement Innovation | Group Project

Innovative Product & Services Development

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 


In a nutshell


At luxury stores, it's not only about the goods,  but more so the experience. This project, with its name "The Timeless Classics", aims at motivating Hong Kong local customers to re-visit the luxury stores by providing an in-store co-creation experience where artists would embellish their old handbags, giving them tailored new styles.




Hong Kong millennials are more individualistic compared to past generations and place a higher value on personalized experiences than their past generations. Meanwhile, they are adept at online shopping. The rise of "experiential" luxury empowers service industries such as travel agencies and restaurants more than luxury goods stores.





Every handbag carries its own story. "The Timeless Classics" breathes new life into used handbags. Customers will engage in the whole creation process - from brainstorming, style selection to the actual renovation. Artists demonstrations in-store not only provide a learning experience for customers on-site but also act as a real-time live show, which customers can record and share on social media platforms for marketing purposes. Unique items like badges or pins & patch sets designed by artists after the in-store event will be available on flagship stores and the official website with limited numbers.








% of Hong Kong's population

     are Millennials

% of millennials' buying decisions

     are influenced by social media

% of all luxury spending worldwide

     will be on experiential luxury

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Field Trip

To gain a first-hand knowledge of Hong Kong's luxury retail market, we went to several famous shopping sites, including traditional luxury shopping malls such as Harbour City, The Landmark, and stand-alone stores such as Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi. Below are some interesting findings.

Distant and cold salesperson

in empty stores​

Pop-up stores serving

coffee & souvenirs

Customers with luggage

getting better service​

Bored customers waiting for

relatives & friends


Desk Research


After visiting the stores, we identified broad social, economic and technological changes in view of consumer engagement trends and proposed new product directions based on our discoveries.

Allow product customization​

Increase value of exclusivity

Integrate with local culture

Hold social media-friendly events

Opt for second-hand products

User Interviews


We conducted interviews with more than ten Hong Kong residents aged between 20 to 35 and asked for their brand preferences and store experiences. The three main reasons for buying luxury products are quality, durability and social status. Here are some key findings.


  • Craftsmanship is well-appreciated

  • Feeling of premium is important for
    a good in-store experience

  • No one likes being judged by what he or she wears

  • Peeking at price tags is embarrassing










Arts &


Unique &





Target Market

  • Age between 25-35

  • Hong Kong Residents

  • Monthly Income of 30,000HKD


of Luxury





& Travel

Phase I  Marketing & PR Campaign


  • Event webpage
    Build an "upcoming event" webpage where customers can sign up for future events​

  • Lucky draw ticket
    A portion of the customers will see their fees go to support charity

  • In-store events with artists
    Main scene for the service to retain customers back to stores

  • Social media presence
    Hashtag campaign & viral videos

Lucky draw

In-store events

Local artists

Phase II  Upgraded Services


  • Personalization items designed by artists
    Badges or pins & patch sets will be available on flagship stores and official website with limited numbers


  • Private and unique artist services
    Customers can get one-on-one exclusive customized service

Scenario & Storyboard


The whole story was designed from the perspective of an old handbag. Through a trip to the luxury store, the bag goes through the whole embellishment process, giving the audience a glimpse of what "The Timeless Classic" experience is with a linear visual story.

Customer engagement scenario for Phase I



The extendable business model could be replicated throughout major cities around the world.


Each city may have its unique featured artists and collections that could finally lead to a worldwide collection. Frequently traveling customers may feel eager to collect all the special sets from different cities.


And the bag is no longer an accessory but a piece that represents the "continuity of existence".

A piece that represents the
"continuity of existence"








Personal role


Philipp HICKER

Ian Katsun LAI

Kelly Kingman SIN

Carol Wingwai WONG



Ling LIN



Ideas & Development
Scenario & Storyboarding
Promo Video Production