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Hong Kong Album / 香港印象影集

Sep 2017 | Photo Album | Collaborated Project

Hong Kong Album is a to-be-continued project collaborating with photographer Leon Heng YU. The photo album aims to introduce Hong Kong's sceneries and local culture from a photographer's perspective with more than 100 photo works.


The album will also has an Augmented Reality (AR) feature which allows readers to scan a picture to watch the timelapse with their mobile phones.


影集附有配套的手机应用 (App) 供下载,读者可以通过增强现实(AR)功能,用自己的手机扫描照片,即可观看在对应地点所拍摄的延时摄影视频。

Below are two sample chapters from the album.



Leon Heng YU is a professional photographer specializing in landscape and street photography. He is now a creative director based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. As a veteran in the field, he values both the quality of the image and the message it conveys. Photography to him is always a way of expressing the internal feelings to the external world. 

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